Privacy Policy

We are the proud owner of & we are bound to provide you your personnel privacy & we know that the onus is on us that we deliver you what we said. assures you that we never share any kind of personnel information of our visitors to anyone.The following are the list that corroborated about our Privacy Policy:

IP (Internet Protocol) address

We can collect your IP address, domain name, your access timing, your email address, the type of pages you click, every time you visit

This helps us to understand our visitors needs and interests & in future this helps us to improve & provide what our visitor wants in order to improve our website & gives you quality services. But this does not gathered any personal information during this process.


Whenever you visit our website a short text file is downloaded in your computer called a cookie, which stores small amount of information & we can assure
you it does not contain any personal details & it is collected for traffic analysis only. A cookie is very beneficial to improve our website content.
Cookies cannot delivers any viruses & it only helps us to tell that visitor is returned to our specific page. You can also block cookies by just going into your browser’s privacy policy settings but it can affect the interaction between you and our website.

Third party advertising & cookies

We may use third party links, mainly Google and other parties & we do not recommend that you can provide any kind of personal information to other websites & you can also block cookies of other sites if you do not like that site.

These websites uses your information but does not include your telephone number, your bank account number, your personal address and your name & these websites will advertise some goods of your choice & it is totally up to you that what you likes or dislikes.

Deleting cookies does not mean that you permanently block the advertising program, every time youopens any site a new cookie will be download to your computer, laptop or smartphone.

Public forums

We provide you to post comments after reading any article but you have to remember that providing any personal information on these
platforms become public and anyone can misuse it & it is not in our control so be cautious before giving any personal information.