Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection

Dangal is in it’s second week and it still going strong and there are no chances of slowing down for Aamir Khan starer. It expected to reach 300 Crores in just few days. On it’s second Monday (11th day) it collected 31.45 Crores. The total collection of this movie stands at 284.69 Crores.

1st Day (Friday) 29.78 Cr
2nd Day (Saturday) 34.82 Cr
3rd Day (Sunday) 42.35 Cr
4th Day (Monday) 25.69 Cr
5th Day (Tuesday) 23.09 Cr
6th Day (Wednesday) 21.49 Cr
7th Day (Thursday) 20.29 Cr
8th Day (Friday) 18.59 Cr
9th Day (Saturday) 23.07 Cr
10th Day (Sunday) 32.04 Cr
11th Day (Monday) 13.45Cr
Total 284.69 Cr

Dangal is also superb in the overseas collections as it collected 141.60 Crores at the box office.

Dangal still 8

It will surpass the Sultan’s overall business in just a few days which is 300 Crores. Now it is all set to be the biggest hit of 2016 and it may as well become the biggest blockbuster India have ever seen touching the milestone of 400 Crore mark.

Because the reports of this film are superb, this is why it is still strong in the cinema theaters. It is expected to complete one month in the cinemas with absolute authority. It will keep doing good business at the box office for coming few weeks.



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