Jagga Jasoos Trailer Review – Something Is Happening

With the desi Harry Potter (Ranbir Kapoor) looks (with spiked hairstyle) and mannerisms of a 5 years old boy who fells in love with 3 years old girl (Katrina Kaif) in the magical world created by Anurag Basu, Jagga Jasoos’s trailer is here for you.

Sets copied from the Hollywood’s aisles, there is nothing which can be called “Indian” in the overall trailer. On top of everything, there is something happening but what’s that something you fail to understand.

What is the director trying to portray in the trailer is a mystery. There is no dialogue except one in the end, which is also not audible.

We have seen many Hollywood movies which were copied by the Bollywood but it happened for the first time that whole Hollywood is copied in a single movie.

The one thing that is good is the camera work and the VFX.

There is still hopes from the movie because if the script made sense then one forgets the backdrops of a film.

This is the debut production of Ranbir Kapoor and the co-producers are Anurag Basu & Mahesh Samat.



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