Haramkhor Trailer Review : Best Of 2016

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is back with a BANG! and the trailer of his next movie Haramkhor is magnificent, there is not even a single flaw in the trailer.

This is the story of a Teacher who falls in love with his student. There is a twist as well, a love triangle when a small boy also in love with the same girl.

This is simply the best trailer of 2016, you laugh throughout the trailer and the best thing is that it is Indian to it’s core.

Nawazuddin is the heart of this trailer, as he is balancing his marriage and love life, he is absolutely world class.

Shweta Tripathi (the Masaan girl) is also natural and looks like a student completely in love with teacher who is also running away from the kid who is in love her.

It is written & directed by Shlok Sharma who has completely made a fun ride and kudos to him for making such an awesome movie.

It is produced by  Anurag Kashyap, Guneet Amarpreet Kaur, Feroze Alameer & Achin Jain.

Haramkhor is going to hit the cinema theaters on 13th January, 2017. You don’t wanna miss epic love saga.



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